Digital Frames Offer Signage On A Budget

There are certain types of digital signage that are available at dramatically lower cost. An innovative digital photo frame can help your bank achieve brand integrity, maintaining a consistent, unambiguous position in the market.

It is expected worldwide distribution of photo frames will reach 50 million next year. And they can be used in digital merchandising campaigns for banks as a way to showcase services and products to customers.

Corporate marketing teams can use digital photo signage to create effective customized messaging. This can be administered easily in real-time. Digital frames meet branding objectives by offering a value-add or call to action by providing branch-specific information that addresses specific needs.

A secure Web interface allows the user privacy to manage and update content. Several customized frames could include an organization’s consistent messages for branding which can be strategically positioned in different areas of the institution or other venues. Here are some examples:

Trade show booths: Thirty-two-inch photo frames provide the consumer a way to view entire photo collections, announce partnerships, contests, and more in real-time. Some technologies are wireless, with only one cord.

Conference room slideshows: Pre-loaded frames can save a lot of time displaying key messages for the audience.

Lobby area slideshows of products and services: Slideshows can display services and products, marquee employees, showcase company information, etc. in a casual style manner.

Feature options
Different brands of frames offer a variety of handy features: frames with a company’s logo and colors; on/off timers; WiFi picture upload, VIP gifts for corporate clients, cross-marketing for departments, and on-counter slides.

Scheduling conference rooms could be executed by using a digital frame in every room that has the day’s agenda. Break rooms can have announcements attendees or employees. Training materials, including diagrams, charts, or short videos are fantastic ideas of use for digital picture frames for the organization.

LCD screens are low cost today, which accounts for their common presence in reception areas. The price of a small (eight-inch) frame is expected to drop below $36 in the coming year. Financial organizations can leverage the devices to complement larger LCD screens.

For example, Huntington Bank’s digital frame is a customized digital signage solution displays moderate-sized frames that sit at each individual teller’s station. Customers are welcomed by a 32-inch monitor in portrait mode as they wait for the next available teller.

The frames and monitor often start the conversation about a value added service delivering a unified brand messaging.

Customer engagement draws customers in by messaging that is targeted to them in real-time. The communication objectives are met by allowing corporate to connect to branches by localized messaging. Consumers can then experience relevant content that directly impacts them.

What are your thoughts? Be on the lookout for digital picture frames to play an increased role in enterprise.